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Jasper's Game Day

The Hero Workshop is proud to be supporting Jasper's Game Day for this year's Jasper's Game Week. Jasper's Game Week is a whole week of role-playing games hosted online in support of suicide prevention and awareness. I highly encourage anyone reading this to check it out, and if you can participate or donate to their worthy cause.

Here is a link to the Jasper's Game Day home page, where you can connect with games, find out about future conventions, and donate to help with suicide prevention.

About Jasper's Game Day

Jasper's Game Day was born out of a place of loss: when she was 14 years old, Fenway Jones lost two of her friends to suicide. "I started Jasper's to be able to create hope and happiness for people out of my pain and heartache," she says. "It is Jasper's Game Day because one of my friends, his name was Jasper, he's one of the people I lost to suicide and he was my gaming partner. He played all of the role-playing games, mostly Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)."

Three years later, Fenway's non-profit, with help from her father and a growing board of directors, hosts several events a year including Jasper's Game Week. Any money raised goes to nearby crisis centers in Fenway's home state of Michigan.

Tabletop and Role Playing Games sometimes help people in crisis. "A lot of the people that come to our events are actually people who have said that D&D saved their life - the interaction with other people, the social network - the D&D family is very strong and accepting," notes Fenway. All event staff are trained is trained to help people in crisis, because they have seen that people come to them at events and conventions with stories and questions, and they have found themselves in a position to help those who reach out to them.

I think this is a wonderful outcome for a tragic event, and find Fenway's approach to grieving the loss of her friends to be heartwarming and inspiring. To turn tragedy into an occasion to bring joy to the world is truly fantastic, and we here at The Hero Workshop are proud to be invited to be a part of it.

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