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We are bursting at the seams!

Our current location is so great, and we are all so happy to have the opportunity to play in all of the awesome adventures that we get to go on each week with all of the heroes in our program. Over the last year and a half we have made ourselves at home here, and it keeps getting better. But as you may have experienced yourself, there are plenty of times when we are full - so, so full. In fact, one day Scott (our Executive Director) had to run to his house and grab one of his dining room chairs because we literally didn't have enough places to sit!

Our current location is 468 sq ft, and right now we are running 38 games a week for over 150 heroes - and counting! Our community is growing, and as more friends join the adventure we are having trouble finding space at some of our tables. Unfortunately, we've even had to turn heroes away during some times because we just don't have any more room.

It's time for The Hero Workshop to pass a level. And this time, we're going to need a little help from our friends.

The Vision - The Hero Workshop Guild Hall:

The Hero Workshop Guild Hall is our community center, that will serve as a hub for tabletop roleplaying gamers, especially children and teenagers. The Guild Hall offers a safe and welcoming space for young people to gather, play games, build campaigns, paint miniatures, complete homework, and receive academic and emotional support from staff members and volunteers.


In the center, there are multiple tables or booths with both professional and volunteer Game Masters leading games, and an extensive library of books, dice, minis, terrain, and other resources available for anyone to use while they’re there. 

The “There and Back Again” cafe will be serving up drinks and snacks, as well as a seasonal menu to both our members and the general public. 

At any time you will see young adventurers painting minis at the Mini Bar, enjoying snacks at one of the tables, playing games, reading, and discussing the latest trends in the world of tabletop role playing games. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, with artwork and decorations that celebrate the worlds of fantasy and imagination.


The Hero Workshop Guild Hall is not just a place to play games, but also a place to learn, grow, and build meaningful connections with others who share a passion for roleplaying. It is a community where young people can find adventure, acceptance, encouragement, and inspiration to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. Ultimately, The Hero Workshop is a place where heroes are made, both in-game and in life.

How can YOU help?

To make this vision a reality, it's going to take some funding. Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise $100,000 to cover move in expenses that we will incur to get the space ready for all of the adventures that we have planned for the future. We will also be announcing stretch goals as we go along, to hopefully incentivize more giving!
But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we are going to stay focused on getting our Guild Hall up and running. Here is some information that may come in handy as you consider how you might be able to help:

1. The Hero Workshop is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. What this means is, donations to The Hero 
Workshop are tax deductible. Our Tax ID # is: 85-3534025.
2. If your company has a donation matching program, your donation may be eligible to be matched by your place of work, which will allow you to double your impact!

3. All donors will be invited to an exclusive Pre-Opening Party where you can get a sneak peak at the space and enjoy food, beverages, and entertainment to be announced. Trust me, you're going to want to be there!

4. If you or your place of work are interested in making a sizable donation, please reach out to to coordinate. We offer a host of special perks and incentives to companies helping with this fundraising drive (not the least of which is a photo op where you get to hand a big check to kids in costume!)

Keep up with our progress on our Blog page, where we will post updates on the campaign as well as keep you informed on the progress towards the Guild Hall! 

Thank You Tiers

As a Thank You for your donation, we are able to offer the following Thank You Gifts. Note that the gifts are cumulative, so a Tier 3 gift includes Tiers 1 and 2 as well. 

Tier 1 - $10+
Choose a Gift

Come in to our shop and pick out a gift. Our first round of gifts were generously donated by Ultra Pro Gaming!


Tier 2 - $250+
Bronze Plaque

We will engrave your name, plus a brief message (32 characters) and affix your plaque to a public surface in the Guild Hall for all to see, forever. Immortalize your support!


Tier 3 - $500+
Become an NPC

We will help you create an NPC that can appear in any of our adventures. You will be able to name the NPC, design it's personality traits, and we'll create a likeness based on a picture that you submit. NPC profiles will be kept in a binder at The Guild Hall for any Game Master to use in any adventure presented. 

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