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We are currently looking for a Game Master available most Saturday nights to help out running our Game (K)nights tables from 7-10 (+ 1 hour paid prep) in Culver City.

In addition to Game (K)nights, we will also need coverage for one or two games during the week at our shop, between the hours of 3:00 - 8:00pm. Each game is a two hour session, plus one hour of paid prep. 

This position will have the possibility of evolving into a full time position as more games get added to our schedule depending on your needs and availability. Another aspect of being a Game Master with The Hero Workshop is helping out when other GMs need a game covered because they get sick, get a callback audition, or just find an opportunity to take a vacation. 

Here is a list of what we look for in a great GM candidate:

  • Great with kids ranging in age from 8-18

  • Loves Dungeons and Dragons

  • Can commit to a stable weekly schedule

  • Digs arts and crafts

  • We are particularly interested in hearing from candidates with diverse perspectives as we build a world-class team supporting our vision that games are for everyone.

  • Has First Aid training (bonus points for being CPR certified)

  • a cool person!

If you do not meet all of the points above - that's okay! We really just require the top three and the last one.


The application process includes a background check, and understanding California's Mandatory Reporter laws and basic youth protection training. Once cleared, we'll do an audition game to see how you interact with a table full of awesome kids.

To apply, please reach out to with your resume.

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