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The Hero Workshop gets a Logo!

Special thanks to Doug Crawford, the amazing artist who made our new logo. You can find some of Doug's art on his Artstation page, which hasn't been updated since 2015! Get on that Doug!

Doug and I are good friends, and we actually play not one, but two DnD games together. In one, Doug plays Elm, a minotaur druid with a suit of hide armor made from the rubbery flesh of a giant worm. In the other, he plays Ikthak, a kobold fighter who is his tribe's Chosen One. Ikthak uses a pauldron (shoulder piece) as a helmet and we all love him.

Here is a picture of Ikthak:

Thank you Doug for the great work on the logo. I'll see you at the gaming table.

For anyone who read this - thank you for being a Hero. We here at the Hero Workshop look forward to many adventures together!

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