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Birthday Party

This is for a birthday party "one-shot" adventure run by one of our professional Game Masters. We can host your party at our store or come to a location of your choice (within the LA area). 


Birthday party adventures last from 3 to 4 hours, during which we'll play through a complete and epic story tailored to the Birthday Hero's wishes.


When you come in to our store, you are welcome to bring food, cake, decorations - anything you need to make the party perfect! If you need help with food and cake arrangements, we can help with that too.


Our birthday party pricing scales based on how many heroes will be playing in the one-shot adventure. You can see how the number of heroes impacts the price in the drop-down list under "Number of Heroes". Non-playing guests are not counted towards this number - this is just so we know how many heroes we will be managing, and the pricing scales to accommodate extra staffing needs.


Once you sign up for a birthday party, you will be contacted by a representative from The Hero Workshop to go over any party planning details and to make sure we get a chance to answer any and all questions you might have. In many cases these conversations start with an email at

Birthday Party

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