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Standard Membership

One Hero enrollment for a weekly appointment with adventure!

This enrollment is the monthly subscription for an in-person class. For the time being, this option is only for students in the Los Angeles area.


Class days and times are noted in the list below.  All of our in person games take place at 4445 Overland Avenue in Culver City, CA. 

Price includes a light snack.

Standard Membership

Price Options
$160.00every month until canceled
  • Our pricing is monthly at $160/mo. In a month with the typical number of game days in it (4), that would boil down to about $20/hr. Some months have 5 of a particular weekday in them, and some months we're off for holidays so our hope is that it kind of washes out in the end.

    If you need to miss a game for any reason, such as someone gets sick or the family goes on vacation, that's totally fine. We don't tend to refund for missed sessions unless we cancel a game (for example, if the Game Master can't make it and we couldn't staff the game), since even when you're not there we are still holding a seat at the table for you when you come back. 

    We do offer occasional special game sessions for make-up games, so if you miss your regular weekly game you can come in for a special one shot adventure on another day of the week. We will announce make up games when they are available and they will be posted on site as well. 

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