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VoyageLA Interviews our Founder

Hail, Heroes!

We are very excited by our first little bit of press! VoyageLA, a local style magazine, has done us the honor of publishing a very generous article featuring an interview with Scott Stevens, the Founder of The Hero Workshop.

An excerpt:

"What I am most proud of with The Hero Workshop is seeing the positive impact that we have had on the heroes in our program. Especially during the pandemic, when for many of the heroes in our program their weekly appointment with adventure was the only time they were able to connect with other kids that wasn’t school. I’ve seen painfully shy kids open up to an adventure and lead their party, I’ve seen heroes that “hate” reading and writing deliver full-page backstories for their characters, and I’ve seen grumpy kids smile when their barbarian delivers the final blow against a dragon. I love seeing a group of heroes come together to solve problems and puzzles, working together in a cooperative way to move the story forward, and make new friends along the way."

You can check out the full article here:

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